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Southern Implants offers five industry-compatible connection interfaces. External hex, Tri-Nex, MSC, DC and Internal Octagon ranges offer clinicians and technicians compatible solutions. 

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Innovative solutions for complex cases. MAX, Co-Axis and Zygomatic implants.



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Southern Implants UK is pleased to distribute some carefully selected products.  



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The download section offers available literature ranging from catalogues and datasheets to the Southern in Focus newsletter's back copies. 


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WEBINAR: Management of failed implant cases

Dr Costa Nicolopoulos                      7 June 2017 @ 21h00 EEST

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Reported dental implant success rates are high resulting in an ever-increasing number of patients being treated with implants. Nevertheless implant failures due to peri-implantitis and bone loss do occur. The most predictable management of these cases appears to be implant removal and replacement. The aim of this lecture is to describe an atraumatic method and treatment modality in dealing with these dental implant cases. (Click on image for larger version).

Over time the percentage of dental implants that fail increases because of biological and technical issues. Inevitably clinicians will have to dedicate more time to dealing with ailing and failing dental implants.

The clinical presentation of ailing and failing implants is peri-implantitis. This is an inflammatory diseases of bacterial origin with bone loss. The prevalence of peri-implantitis varies between studies from 6 % to 36%.

The decision to treat or remove (explant) a failing implant is a judgement that needs to be made by the treating clinician and needs to be based both on clinical and radiographic evaluation.


Dental implant removal may be indicated in cases of advanced bone loss around implants.

Regional co-axis workshops

Join us for lunch time “drop-in” workshops across the UK, placing co-axis angled implants into models. 

Discover how using angled implants may significantly simplify your implant treatments by:

  • Facilitating simple screw-retained restorations every time.
  • Reducing the need for GBR.
  • Reducing the need for sinus augmentation.
  • Reducing cost of implant treatment
  • Reducing treatment times.
  • Reducing risk and patient morbidity (due to less GBR and additional procedures).

They’re far easier to place than one may think. Come and have a go!



20 May, 15h00-17h00

Speaker: Dr Ahmed Al-Khayyat

Oasis Dental Care, unit 1, Wards House, 197 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8HW

For more information: steven.kershaw@southernimplants.co.uk



23 May, 12:30 -14:30

Brookfield Hotel, Havant Rd, Emsworth, Hants, PO10 7LF

For more information: jos.williams@southernimplants.co.uk



26 May, 12:30 -14:30

Crowwood Hotel, Cumbernauld Road, Muirhead, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G69 9 BS

For more information: colin.hart@southernimplants.co.uk


Course & Workshop

Advanced implantology for the maxillofacial patient

A full day course and workshop on Advances in Zygomatic and Oncology protocols will be held in London on 9 March 2017. 

The course will be led by Mr Chris Butterworth, Consultant in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics & Oral Rehabilitation from Liverpool, joined by South African lecturer Dr Greg Boyes-Varley, Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgeon from the Branemark Institute, as well as Mr Graham Blackbeard, CEO of Southern Implants. 

Cost: £144 (VAT incl)

Venue: Burroughs Room, Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE 

Click here to download the programme


Dare to Simplify ... Users Day in Ghent

DATE: 10 March 2017, 08:50-19:00

VENUE: Culture and Convention Center HET PAND, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Ghent Belgium

REGISTRATION: Registration by email: ntugent@ugent.be

The second Southern Implants international conference and Users Day will be held in Ghent in March 2017. The speakers include Prof Hugo de Bruyn, Drs Stijn Vervaeke, Maarten Glibert, Dirk Duddeck, Greg Boyes-Varley, Christophe De Foer, Pietro Ferraris, Giovanni Nicoli, Luc van Doorne, Andrew Ackermann, Safa Tahmasebi, Costas Nikolopoulos and André Hattingh. The day will be rounded off by discussions and interactive voting by the audience on implantology today.   


  • Implant surface, design and biologic outcome
  • The right implant for the right patient
  • Guidelines for predictable aesthetics
  • Clinical guidelines and innovations

Download the programme here.

Dare to simplify .... and Operate!

The Department Periodontology, Oral Implantology, Removable and Implant Prosthodontics of Ghent University also invites you for a live surgery course with focus on implant placement in extraction sockets, compromized maxillae and aesthetically demanding conditions.

DATE & TIME: 9 March 2017 12:00-18:30 

VENUE: Dental School, Ghent University Hospital, De Pintelaan 185, Blok P8

Download the programme here.

Webinar: The ten commandments of the MAX implant

Date: 10 October @19h00

Register by clicking here.

Dr André Hattingh will discuss 10 important points related to the immediate placement of the Southern Implants MAX implant in molar extraction sites. The immediate placement of a conventional dental implant into a molar extraction socket poses a number of difficulties. The most significant is the size and shape of the multi-rooted molar socket, which is not suited to allow for the optimal placement of a “typical” dental implant. This often leads to compromised implant positioning, poor primary stability or the inability to place an implant at all. It may also result in the need for a waiting period of 3-4 months, to allow for healing of the socket prior to attempting implant placement. Often, the healed extraction site presents with reduced bone height, which is inadequate for implant placement and necessitates the need for bone augmentation procedures. Treatment time is therefore lengthened with increased cost and complexity.  

This lecture aims to address an innovative concept that uses a new ultra wide diameter implant and contemporary surgical protocol that makes immediate placement of implants into multi-rooted molar sockets attainable.  

André is a specialist periodontist in full time private practice in Sevenoaks, Kent. He is currently heading numerous studies on the immediate placement and clinical outcomes of the MAX implant.

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