There are three options available when all teeth are missing in either the upper or lower jaw.

Removable options:

The first option is standard removable dentures which rests on the remaining gums in your mouth.

The second removable option allows a full denture with teeth to be manufactured which rests on a number of implants in your mouth. Small attachments are placed on top of the implants, with corresponding clips embedded in the denture. When the denture is placed into your mouth, it 'clips' onto the implants and is held very firmly in place. Unlike a standard denture, it is far more stable and will not move around in the mouth. In order to remove the denture, it can easily be unclipped with your fingers by lifting the denture. Due to the substantial increased stability of the denture in the case of the upper jaw, the palate area of the denture can be removed, thus taste and sensation is restored to your palate. 

Fixed option:

In the case of of the fixed option, a full ceramic bridge is permanently secured to the implants using gold screws. Once this is completed, normal function is restored to your teeth. Four or more implants are usually used, and only your dentist can remove it if necessary. As with all implants, impeccable oral hygiene is needed.  


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