Osseo-Integrated Fixtures System — Bone Anchors for Prosthetic Attachment (Zygomatic & Oncology, Ultra-short and Ultra-thin implants)

The Osseointegrated Fixtures system extends the use of osseointegrating implants from dental only applications, to the attachment of prosthetics outside the oral region. Osseointegrated Fixtures have been developed to enable the attachment of external aesthetic restoration prostheses when suction or adhesives are inadequate. This has been found to be useful for both craniofacial prostheses and prosthetic digits on the hand.


Usual means of attaching external aesthetic prosthetics include adhesives, mechanical (attached to spectacles) and suction (fitting sockets). Sometimes the remaining anatomy or the patient’s lifestyle means that these means of attachment simply cannot provide adequate retention and the prosthesis is prone to falling off, exposing the patient to significant embarrassment. In these cases an implant may be indicated to provide retention of the prosthesis.



The Osseointegrated Fixtures system includes a wide range of implant sizes to fit the wide range of sites they may be used in. The ultra-short craniofacial implants can be used in the thin facial bones and the longer cylindrical-bodied implants fit well in the medullary canal of phalanges. All the implants are self-tapping with an enhanced osseointegrating body surface.

  • Offers a rehabilitative solution for cases where other means of attachment cannot
  • Wide range of implant sizes for different anatomical sites
  • Range of detachable prosthetic options suitable for different types of prostheses
Technical Facts
  • 3.75 mm and 4.5 mm diameter implants with 3-6 mm lengths
  • 3.75 mm, 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm diameter implants with 6-20 mm lengths
  • Moderately rough enhanced surface
  • Available with External Hex connection
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