The Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) dental implant surface treatment offers practitioners an innovative way to take advantage of the best characteristics of both smooth and moderately rough implant surfaces. A machined coronal region of specific surface roughness provides resistance against plaque and biofilm accumulation, and enhances the efficacy of preventive maintenance measures, thereby decreasing the risk of peri-implantitis. Meanwhile, the complementary moderately rough portion assures the superior osseointegration of modern surfaces. This hybrid surface design enables more predictable treatment of patients suffering from progressive bone loss.

The range of externally hexed implants are available in diameters 3.25mm, 4.00mm, 5.00mm and 6.00mm. Diameters of 7.00mm 8.00mm, and 9.00mm are also available  in the External Hex MAX implants. Implant lengths vary from 6mm to 20mm and all implants are surface roughened with Southern's extensively proven and well documented enhanced surface. 

External Hex is the most versatile connection system. it enables us to make very short implants, and highly angled implants, not possible with internal connections. It is also a more forgiving connection system, in case of poor alignment. Hence Southern will continue to develop and support this range, as it is the choice of many training institutions and top end users. 

External Hex has a wide range of prosthetic options. 

The tri-lobe prosthetic interface is particularly user-friendly and has accordingly become a market leader. It is, however, not an ideal interface for driving the implant into the bone. Southern's unique Tri-Nex uses the lobes for prosthetic interfacing and a long hex for implant placement. 

Increasing demand for primary stability means that implants are being placed with ever increasing insertion torques. The Southern external thread has proven suitability for high insertion torque without causing bone necrosis. Due to the hex drive of the Tri-Nex implant the range:

  • Offers precise feel and control/rigidity
  • Can transmit insertion torques up to 100Ncm
  • Will not distort or damage the prosthetic interface
  • Will not weaken or reduce fatigue resistance of the implant.

The Southern Implants IT implant range, has an internal connection system, with an interface that has been proven by both Swiss and American manufacturers. The implant abutment interface consists of an external 45 degree bevel top, an internal octagon for anti-rotation and an 8 degree internal taper. Southern Implants manufactures these implants in both a cylindrical and tapered version, with the same surface treatment that is used with all our other implants. 

The M-Series dental implant system offers practitioners an elegantly simple yet state-of-the-art implant, featuring the popular internal hex connection system, for treatment of the full range of clinical indications.

The M-Series internal hex connection interface is precision-machined for maximum stability and implant-abutment sealing, and provides excellent tactile sensibility during placement. All M-Series implants share the same size connection, reducing abutment and tool inventory requirements.

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