Southern Implants distributes both bone regeneration and wound healing products manufactured by Curasan. 

Bone regeneration products include:

  • Cerasorb Foam
  • Cerasorb Paste
  • Cerasorb Granules

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Bone Regeneration

Treatment of bone defects continues to pose major challenges for clinicians from different disciplines. Thus, in order to re–establish bone stability, bone replacement and bone regeneration products are used on a regular basis.

Autologous bone is still the standard for many indications for filling defects. In this regard, however, the risk of primary and secondary complications, due to the necessary second intervention for bone harvesting, offsets the benefit of osteoinductivity.

Curasan fully synthetic bone regeneration materials are therefore the optimum alternative to autologous bone grafting. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the extent, duration and complications of defect–filling procedures.

Depending on the indication, the user can choose between the partially resorbable bone replacement product Osbone® or the fully resorbable bone replacement products from the CERASORB® product family. Complete resorption results in restitutio ad integrum, the restoration of healthy, autologous bone.

Wound Healing

Wound healing is a natural process, by which the body reseals damaged body tissues by regeneration or by the formation of scar tissue. In order to accelerate this process, preparations are routinely used during a surgical procedure, which favor the wound healing process. This facilitates both the successful outcome of the procedure and the patient’s recovery.

In the field of wound healing Curasan focuses on supporting hemostasis, the body’s own blood coagulation mechanisms. For example, hemostatic agents are used in capillary, venous, small arterial or diffusely oozing bleeding or, particularly when blood coagulation is not possible using conventional methods.

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